Thursday, September 6, 2007


‘Never, never, I return:

Still for victory I burn.

Living, thee alone I’ll have;

And when dead I’ll be thy grave.

‘Thro’ the Heaven and Earth and Hell

Thou shalt never, quell:

I will fly and thou pursue:

Night and morn the flight renew.’

‘Poor, pale, pitiable form

That I follow in a storm;

Iron tears and groans of lead

Bind around my aching head.

‘Till I turn from Female love

And root up the Infernal Grove,

I shall never worthy be

To step into Eternity.

‘And, to end thy cruel mocks,

Annihilate thee on the rocks,

And another form create

To be subservient to my fate.

‘Let us agree to give up love,

And root up the Infernal Grove;

Then shall we return and see

The worlds of happy Eternity.

‘And throughout all Eternity

I forgive you, you forgive me.

As our dear Redeemer said:

“This the Wine, and this the Bread.”’

William Blake

(1757 - 1827)